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Invitation to “Pick Up Your Courage and Walk”

Event with the Citizens‘ Initiatives “Biebricher Straße” and “Neustädter Verkehrswende”

Talk and Discussion about Urban Development with Dipl-Ing. Angelika Schlansky

Thursday, 2nd February 2017

Café Pour Pour, Lahnstrasse 16


Start: 8 p.m., free entrance


Angelika Schlansky – an experienced planner – will show how cities in Europe have changed since adopting climate-friendly policies. She will also talk about promoting walking, and the role this most natural way of moving forward can play.

Parking Day in Bremen Neustadt

What a nice and friendly way to get into contact with people!

A great opportunity to exchange ideas about living in the city, about transport policy priorities for pedestrians, bicycles and public transport, on community life, on CO2 and climate issues and whatever is on peoples minds when doing their Friday afternoon/weekend shopping! Some even took the opportunity to join us on the parking place we had payed for and have a game of chess…

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Out of the Blue


The Neustadt, a densely populated district of Bremen on the south bank of the river Weser, is described in official literature as offering quiet streets with charming old houses. However, like so many other such areas, the charm is cursed by the demands of the car and its proponents. So when we, a group of local residents took the initiative to try to calm their streets, the hope was that the local authority – with a Green Party senator running the transport department – would look kindly on our efforts, but the reaction was the absolute opposite.
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