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Ralph Saxe – Transport Revolution In 2019?

Ralph Saxe

With Bremen’s state election looming next year, and the Greens riding high in the polls, there is a very real chance that they will form a strengthened half of any new coalition. With the two old parties declining in popularity, there is even the prospect of a Green-led government. With this in mind, we recently interviewed Ralph Saxe, transport spokesperson for the Bremen Greens, to see what they have in mind for the coming legislature.  Continue reading Ralph Saxe – Transport Revolution In 2019?

Cycling in Bremen – The Early Years

550px_Hochrad 1887

“I believe that if all Germans cycled, they would lose their dull sensuality and be happier and more agreeable.” (Ricarda Huch to Richard Huch 1896)1

 “In no other city in Germany, are cyclists treated as humanely as here in Bremen” (German Bicycle Association meeting in Bremen 1897)2

Bremer Bicycle History Part 1: 19th century to early 20th century

One glance at Bremen, and you soon realise the importance of the bicycle. In Bremen so many people ride bikes. How come? Continue reading Cycling in Bremen – The Early Years

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