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Accessibility in Bremen Traffic (Part A: Road Law)

Public space is always a scarce commodity in cities that have grown over time without central planning. Ever more, and ever bigger, vehicles are competing for the same amount of space. At the same time, private automobiles are continuing to push other modes of transport out of this public space. Currently, political as well as legal resistance to this situation is growing, supported by environmental organizations such as BUND, NABU, citizens‘ and neighborhood initiatives, and transport organizations such as ADFC, VCD; Fuss e.V., Forum for Transportation Transportation („Forum Verkehrswende“), Autofreier Stadttraum („Auto Free City Space/City Dreams“) and Coalition for Transportation Transformation („Bündnis Verkehrswende“). In addition, many citizens have filed
suit against the city-state for its lack of action against vehicles parked illegally on sidewalks. This problem is further complicated by electric scooters parked on sidewalks In the summer of 2020, a visually impaired man was seriously injured in Bremen when he tripped over an electric scooter. He has filed suit against the city-state for not protecting him from injury.
Parking on the sidewalk in Mindener Strasse in Peterswerder in Bremen (foto: Olaf Dilling)

In three subsequent episodes, this blog will cover the topic from a legal point of view and from am urban development perspective.

An English translation of the full text will follow in due course.